Jerrell is an experienced personal injury trial lawyer, who has helped hundreds of clients recover after being seriously injured by other’s negligence.  He has represented families who have lost their parents, spouses, and children in tragic accidents.  Jerrell brings his extensive background in law enforcement to bear on behalf of his clients, helping make sense of traffic accident and death investigations.

On the street, Jerrell would oftentimes find himself working a traffic accident or other investigation and being asked the question, “what do I do NOW?!”  The question stung, for as a police officer, Jerrell had nothing else to offer the victim.  It was this desire to help people put the pieces of their lives back together that pushed Jerrell to leave police work and attend law school.

As an attorney, Jerrell no longer works for the community at large, but represents individuals with their unique situations.  He can focus on each client and craft a solution that best addresses their fears and concerns.



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